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Upload Your Files

To send us files via your web browser, fill out the form below and then follow these instructions for uploading your files:

  • We recommend compressing all the files you are sending us into one archive (using a program such as FreeZip for Windows, or right click on mouse and select "create archive of" for Mac OSX) for more convenient uploading.
  • Maximum file size is 100mb. Please contact us directly if your file is larger than this size.
  • Click on any Browse... button to select the first file (or archive) from your hard drive to upload.
  • For Windows users: In order to bring up image files in your "browse" window, you may have to select "Files of type: All Files (*.*)."
  • If you have additional files to upload, use the additional Browse... buttons.
  • Click the Send button below the Browse... buttons when you are finished selecting your files.
  • Make sure you wait until your browser shows the Upload Confirmation page before logging off. If you receive an error alert or your upload "times out", you will need to send the file(s) again. If this happens repeatedly, contact John at 510-654-2426.
  • If you select the wrong file while browsing, click the Clear button to reset your selections.
  • An email will automatically alert us that you have placed your files successfully! Make sure you fax us a copy of your artwork to
    510-654-5123 .



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Please, only press the Send button once. Due to internet traffic congestion, uploading time may vary.